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Industrial Wireless Radio Control   

Applications: Industrial Monitoring, Pump control, Monitor remote instruments, sensors and detectors, Transportation, Lighting, Irrigation, Well pump, Traffic lights, Tank monitoring, Packing and mobile system, Energy management, SCADA installations, Factory process, Alarms, PLC I/O Extender, Wire replacement, and more..

NEMA4 Transmitter and Receiver Set

Series 935000

Industrial wireless monitoring and control,
10 Miles (16km) line of sight    

Series 937000


Long Range Systems

Special Order

931211 Single (1) Channel
931240 Two (2)  Channel
931214 Four (4) Channel
931216  Six (6) Channel




Bi Directional Wireless Control

Series 935000

DIN Transmitter and Receiver OEM Set 

Series 931280


Medium Range Systems


931281  Single (1) Channel  
931282  Two (2) Channel    
931284   Four (4) Channel     


Applications:  Pumps, Conveyors, Gates, Doors, Lights, Actuators, Valves, Packing, Emergency, Boats, Vessels, Beacon lights, Navigation Aid,
Traffic control, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Laboratories, Lighting, Irrigation, Parking lots, Security, Warehouses, Access control, Telecommunication,
 Electronic controls, Solar power sites

 DISCLAIMER:    Contact a licensed professional for your project. -   Warning: Radio control equipment is not to be used in life safety

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