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930636 Room humidistat  30-100% relative humidity
DECORA Humidistat

Adjustable range 30 to 100 % RH
 Accuracy 3%
 Dial Knob setpoint
 Max Air velocity 2953 ft/min (15m/sec)
 Temperature range 32'F to 140'F (0'C to 60'C)

Decorator Style color White
 Voltage/Current.   24-240 VAC/ 5A    1 SPDT
 Range  30 to 100 % RH
 Contact  SPDT snap-acting
 Dimensions  4.6 x 2.8 x 1.4 in (115 x 70 x 35 mm)



Duct Mount sensor probe Horizontal or vertical mount Humidistats ON/OFF single-stage control of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, fans, heaters, valves, solenoids, compressors, relays, and other electrical components. Applications: clean rooms, food production, sterilization  processes, greenhouses.


Small Sealed Water Detector
Electronic control relay for detecting a rising water level, it has a medium power relay inside its waterproof enclosure, which operated by water reaching the trip level, and can be used to control alarms or other equipment  Specifications


Sealed Mechanical float switch  The switch can be installed by tie-wrapping it to a support structure or by adding an external weight to the cable. SPDT contacts are included so the unit can be used to empty or fill a tank or sump.SPDT mechanical switch, 10A contacts rated for 1/4 hp. Float suitable for sewage and high temperature


936105 Liquid Flow switch
Stainless Steel vane is field trimmable for 1" and larger pipes and is  coupled to the SPDT switch to prevent liquid from entering the switch housing.  Brass NPT 1" fitting
Liquids: Sea water, chilled water, brine, ethylene glycol, etc.


936125  Air Flow switch 

HVAC  Duct air flow switch



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