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     12,24 VDC  and 120-240 VAC  Programmable Clock Timer  


 2 Channel Controller

2CH 6ACU 120/240VAC    $299.99 

2CH 6DCU   12/24VDC    $299.99 

 4 Channel Controller
With Astronomical Clock

4CH  12ACU 120/240VAC    $399.99 

4CH  12DCU     12/24VDC    $399.99 




EDPLC Series, Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly program in one device

2, 4 or 6  Independently zone controlled,  normally open relay programmable output mode.

365 Days, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Override: Photocell or BAS input, Multiple schedules. 
+ ON delay, OFF delay, Cyclic timers, Counters, Logic functions, Latch, Pulse, Sequence, etc.

USB interface for uploading, downloading and transferring of programs
Included in the price: One Controller, USB interface w cable and CD with software, manual & examples


Power selection: 12/24VDC  or 120/240VAC
; 90mA,  4CH;120mA

Discrete inputs
  DC Inputs:  Dry contact 
Input frequency < 40 Hz
  AC Inputs:  Dry contact  @ 240VAC:    120VAC: 90ms

Relay Outputs
  Current rating 10A  AC1 Max 240VAC
  Maximum Load Resistive: 10A/point; Inductive: 5A/point
  Maximum operating time 15ms (normal condition)

  95W, 90H, 58D mm,  3.8W, 3.6H, 2.3D inches

Operating Temperature:
 -4 to 131F (-20 to 55C)

Installation: DIN or panel mount  35mm

IEC 61131-3 standard FBD

Program interface ELRS232 or ELUSB2 is required
  Programming languages Logic/Function Block Diagram
  Program Memory 300 Lines or 260 Function Blocks
  Programming storage media Flash
  Execution Speed 10ms/cycle
  Programming available in 5 languages

Built-in HMI on ELC models
Customizable screens 31 (H coils)
  LCD Display 4 lines x 16 characters
  Function Keys 8, 4 user-defined (Z inputs)

Communication Options
One programming port RS232 or USB
Wireless I/O long range
Built-in RS485 Communication
Ethernert TPC interface
Modbus-RTU,  Master/Slave mode,
  supports Modbus function codes

      Programming examples:  Typical 365 days time clock

Unlimited Possibilities  Combination of Timers and logic, Multiple Time clocks, Counters, Pulse, Cyclic, On Delay, Off Delay, Each Weekly Time Clock, include 3 Cams for scheduling



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